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Choristers provided once in a lifetime experiences and training for a future in the arts.  How many people can say they've sung the mass at the Vatican?  I also had the experience of performing multiple times with the Cleveland Opera, opening my world to professional theater and opera!  I've sung in what feels like every language and was singing music in middle school that my college choirs sang.  I studied music in college and I came in better prepared than most of my classmates when it came to sight-reading and holding harmonies.  Both of those skills are huge assets in the performing arts!  They help me book one of my longest gigs called "In The Mood: A 1940's Musical Revue" where I sang with two other girls holding my own line of harmony.  I truly believe that my experiences with Choristers helped me with my professional career.  I made wonderful friends, learned rehearsal etiquette and an appreciation for music and music theory that is irreplaceable.  I owe so much to Choristers and always look on that time of my life so fondly!

Liz Baumgartner, Chorister alumna

"My time with Choristers, simply put, allowed me to be the musician that I wanted and needed to be.  I learned so much about singing, musicianship, quality repertoire, discipline, professionalism, camaraderie, respect, and love from singing with the Choristers organization.  The importance of this group in my life really can't be overstated!  Music classes in school were okay, but the real learning I did was outside of school and inside our Choristers rehearsal spaces.  At one point, I planned to enter the medical field upon graduation (something many "smart" kids feel pushed to do) but then I realized that my true calling was music and the solid foundation and extensive opportunities to grow that I found in Choristers made that decision an easy one."

Dr. Barb Lamont, Chorister alumna

and Director of Choral Activities and Music Education at Southeast Missouri State University

“To give my children a quality musical experience with like-minded peers"

Chorister Parent

“My favorite thing about choir is meeting new friends who have a passion to sing."

Canterra Musica Singer

“I love to sing, and it makes me happy to be around those who feel the same way."

una voce musica Singer

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