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Oberlin Choristers is a community-based, 501(c)3, choral program for children in Kindergarten through twelfth grades, Chorister alumni, and community members. 

Choristers draws its singers from across northeast Ohio, from western Cuyahoga County to Huron County. Choristers trains children in choral music and vocal performance by providing them with an opportunity to improve their vocal and social skills in a variety of choir settings.  In addition, Choristers gives children an opportunity to perform in concerts both close to home and in some of the world's greatest musical venues. 

Choristers’ mission is to provide the highest quality choral music education and performance opportunities to the culturally and economically diverse children and youth of northeast Ohio.

Each year an average of 15 young people graduate from our upper choirs.  Many go on to pursue careers in music education and performance, and all carry with them a life-long love of music.
In the Classroom
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What People Are Saying
"I love Oberlin Choristers! What an enriching program for kids and adults!" - Katherine, Dulcis Musica parent
"Choristers was one of the greatest influences on wanting to become a music teacher.  From 4th grade on, I was a part of a group where I learned about being a musical singer, but also a teacher.  Mrs. Plank through her teaching became a mentor who I have tried to emulate in my own career.  I have been blessed to be a part of a group that brings joy through song.  I have been, and always will be proud to be an Oberlin Chorister." - Mary Ana Hicks, Chorister Alumna
"Choristers encourages us to not only expand our singing capabilities but also feel confident in our own skin. We have the opportunity to travel the world while doing what we all love." - Mara, Chorister
"Choristers means a way of self-expression... It means I have a chance to prove myself." - Roisin, Chorister
"What HASN'T Choristers meant to me in my life? :)  I would say it provided me with one of the finest musical foundations I could've asked for.  It also afforded me opportunities I wouldn't have found anywhere else...I've learned rehearsal techniques and the value of picking the best repertoire possible for my own choirs, as a music educator.  I have memories, friends, and mentors that will be with me the rest of my life."  - Dr. Barb Lamont, Chorister alumna
"It means to me that I’m becoming part of a family – people who will respect and love me for who I am. Choristers is no longer an activity, but a part of my life, it’s a part of me." - Victoria, Chorister alumna
"I love music even more than I did, becoming family with these wonderful people." - Hannah, Chorister
"A safe place to sing without criticism and to have lots of fun singing." - Matthew, Chorister
"Makes my heart so happy my kids are enjoying something I once did too!" - Pam, Chorister Alumni & Chorister Parent

General operating support for Oberlin Choristers is generously provided by the following organizations:
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