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Sight Reading Course Description and Objectives

The Oberlin Choristers Sight Reading course is designed for beginning to intermediate level sight readers in grades 5-12.  This course will further develop skills and confidence that will prepare students for more advanced literature and musical performance.  


The Spring 2017 class will include an emphasis on key signatures, solfege, and application to more sight-reading of scores.


Class Objectives:

1)  Developing sight singing skills through:

          a) Choral score reading

          b) Kodaly pitch relationships

          c)  Solfege practice

          d)  Rhythmic patterns

          e)  Music vocabulary (ie. dynamics, symbols, terms, etc.)


2)  Developing Music Theory Concepts including:

          a)  Music note names (note value and letter names)

          b)  Interval training

          c)  Rhythmic note values

          d)  Key signatures and Circle of 5ths

          f)   Chord structure and basic progressions

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