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Uniform Information

Choristers will provide each singer with a 2022-23 season t-shirt.

No formal uniform purchase will be required this season.

In response to our parent survey, we plan to have different logos for each choirs' t-shirt.

All shirts will be black*, however, each logo will be different and in choir specific colors.

We plan to have printing on both the front and back to aid singers in finding their group.

Dulcis Musica - light blue

Jubilate Musica - red

Cantate Musica - purple

una voce musica - green

Families will need to provide black top, bottom, shoes & socks for our December concerts.

*It is easier to match black across different brands. Due to limited inventory, discontinued youth size colors, and supply chain issues, our typical choices are not available.

Help us design our 2022-23 season logo!

Submit your design to by August 15th.

Please use Canva or another program to create your design and submit via PDF.

Email Amanda at to request a logo package if needed.

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