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Hear Oberlin Choristers 2020-2021 plans from Executive Director, Christopher Neely! We can't wait to see YOU this season!

Hear Oberlin Choristers 2020-2021 plans from Executive Director, Christopher Neely! We can't wait to see YOU this season!

Hear Oberlin Choristers 2020-2021 plans from Executive Director, Christopher Neely! We can't wait to see YOU this season!

Hear Oberlin Choristers 2020-2021 plans from Executive Director, Christopher Neely! We can't wait to see YOU this season!

Hear Oberlin Choristers 2020-2021 plans from Executive Director, Christopher Neely! We can't wait to see YOU this season!

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Jubilate Musica 20-21


In the ever-changing landscape, Oberlin Choristers rehearsals and events will adjust to offer new and surprising ways to create music as a community. Each conductor has plans to educate and inspire their singers. A special note from Mrs. Orr is included below outlining their season plan.

We have endeavored to include as much information as possible and will continue to communicate regularly with families as you register. Oberlin Chorister staff is continually monitoring the CDC guidelines and will make changes to the 2020-21 season as needed to comply with safety guidelines.

All singers participating in in-person Oberlin Choristers activities need to wear a mask at all times.

We hope you will join us for our 2020-2021 season!

A video message from Mrs. Bak

Children in 3rd-4th grade are eligible to enroll in Jubilate Musica (Latin for “joyful music”).

Singers build on the techniques learned in Dulcis Musica to further develop pitch matching, healthy vocal tone, and they begin to incorporate harmony into their singing. This level begins to emphasize the written score, teaching singers how to read and follow a choral octavo. They sing advanced elementary repertoire and participate in three major concerts per year.

Jubilate conductors are master music educators who teach through a variety of strategies and activities designed to engage the whole child - body, mind, and spirit. Each singer is unique and Chorister conductors support that unique development at every level.

Jubilate Musica 20-21 season tuition:

$280 (reduced for the 20-21 season)

2020-21 Uniform:

Each singer will receive a 2020-21 season t-shirt. No formal uniforms will be ordered this season.


Oberlin Chorister staff is working on locations based on our distancing needs.

Rehearsal times are for reference only.

  • Times will be adjusted to accomodate group sizing and scheduling ability.
  • Hybrid option singers will be divided into groups of 10 that will rehearse in person (masked & socially distanced) for 30 minutes each. These rehearsals will be available live via Zoom.
  • Virtual option singers will attend each weekly small group rehearsal via Zoom
  • In the event we have multiple groups for a choir, we hope to be able to make all group sessions available live via Zoom.
  • A virtual singer could attend multiple sessions in one evening. A hybrid singer could attend their in person group and additional groups via Zoom that same evening.

A note from Mrs. Bak:

  • I can’t wait to explore music with Jubilate Musica singers this year! While much of what we have experienced since March has been about what we can’t do, our year in Jubilate will be about what we CAN do!
  • We CAN get to know each other, build friendships with others who love to sing, and create a choir experience.
  • We CAN learn many, beautiful, rich, varied songs and have a lot of fun doing it.
  • We CAN find ways to play games together that don’t involve touching. We CAN learn musical and singing skills that will serve us for a lifetime.
  • We CAN be flexible with rehearsal situations, whether using Zoom, or in-person with safety measures, so that the music CAN continue in our lives.
  • We CAN make Zoom rehearsals (if needed) more fun, by mailing a surprise activity packet to Jubilate singers.
  • Most importantly, we CAN stay strong as a Choristers family, even if our concert situation looks a little different this year, so that in future years we can celebrate many performance opportunities together.

What DO we learn in Jubilate Musica? Here is just a taste:

  • We focus on proper singing technique and how to develop a quality vocal tone, as well as how to use our voices in a choir,
  • We learn a large number of fun and beautiful folksongs, rounds and canons, and singing games, as well as choral repertoire,
  • We learn how to sing music at sight, using these wonderful songs, through a careful sequencing of rhythmic and melodic concepts (Mrs. Bak is creating a “Singing Karate” program to increase the challenge by earning “belts”!),
  • We experience singing in harmony in many different ways,
  • We connect with culture, history, poetry, and language in so many and varied ways through our singing.

Please DO join us for Jubilate Musica! We CAN still figure out how to be a choir together!


When & Where Tuition  
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Sep 15, 2020 - Apr 27, 2021
$280 Register


Angela Bak

Angela Bak

Angela Bak led the Intermediate Choir from its founding in 1996 until 2002. She returned in 2008 and dearly loves working with Jubilate Musica. Angela is Director of Music at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Lorain. She earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Oberlin College in 1995 and completed a Master of Music Education with a Kodály emphasis at Capital University in 2001. She and her husband reside with two Chorister daughters in a circa 1892 farmhouse in Amherst, where she may be found experimenting in the kitchen and working in the garden.

financial aid

Oberlin Choristers is committed to providing our outstanding programming to all interested singers and work to eliminate financial barriers. Through generous donations from our individual, corporate, and foundation sponsors, we are able to provide financial aid when needed.

There are many unique situations and many ways we can help. Please contact our office to find out more about what kinds of assistance is available.

Our Financial Aid is available to any singer that applies. If your singer qualifies for free or reduced lunches at school, then they are a great candidate for our financial aid award!

Financial Aid is awarded by a confidential subcommittee of our Board of Directors. They review all applications and award the amount based on the need. Please note, the non-refundable deposit cannot be covered by Financial Aid.

Requirements to be considered:

  • Register your singer and pay the non-refundable deposit.
  • Submit our Financial Aid Request form.
  • Provide a copy of your most recent tax return, or other documentation, which proves your household’s income for the current calendar year (or previous tax year).

PRINT our Financial Aid form


Choristers has definitely thought this through and seems to have options to accommodate everyone!

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