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Canterra Musica is the Ambassador Ensemble of the Oberlin Choristers.  This choir has a culture of passionate singing, hard work, artistic and engaging performances, and a supportive, fun envitornment to learn. 

Canterra Musica (Cantate = Sing + Terra = Earth) lives out it's name by learning music from around the globe that helps teach varied vocal styles and sounds and opening the world through song.  

This auditioned choir has performed around the globe and it's members are eligible to join the summer "Touring Ensemble."


Singers interested in joining Canterra Musica should click on the "Audition" button below to schedule an audition. 


Singers in Canterra Musica are eligible to participate in a Concert Tour each summer.  Choriseters Touring Choirs have performed at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland; Chartres Cathedral in Chartre, France; Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia; and many more historic venues.

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