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View our 2021-22 season current health protocol

View our 2021-22 season current health protocol

View our 2021-22 season current health protocol

View our 2021-22 season current health protocol

View our 2021-22 season current health protocol

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Oberlin Choristers
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Oberlin Chorister Tours

Each summer, Oberlin Choristers tours domestically or internationally, providing an unmatched learning and performing experience.

Singers registered for una voce musica or Canterra Musica are eligible to join our Touring Ensemble. Please visit our una voce musica and Canterra Musica pages for more information.

Parents and community members are welcome to join us on our tours. Please contact our office for registration information.

2019-20 Tour to Finland, Latvia, & Estonia


2020 Touring Ensemble

Finland, Estonia, & Latvia

Dear Touring Ensemble Singers, Families, Chaperones, and Supporters,

It is our sincere hope that this message finds you safe and well amid the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you very much for your messages of support for Oberlin Choristers as we work diligently to discern what programming looks like moving forward.

Out of an abundance of caution and a great deal of consideration, the Choristers tour to Finland, Estonia, and Latvia has been cancelled. This was not an easy decision – Choristers staff has lived with this tour since March of 2019. The health and safety of our singers and travelers is of the utmost importance, but this decision was also borne out of concern for the financial investment that everyone has made in this tour. If we wait to cancel until closer to the dates of tour, we run a greater risk of not being able to get as much of every participant’s money returned.  That is not a possibility that we wanted to leave open in these uncertain times.

Due to Choristers excellent relationship with Sechrist Travel, we have been able to negotiate outside of our existing contract to get the money that everyone has paid for tour thus far minus $100.00 that is a non-refundable cancellation fee from the airline. As soon as the funds become available, we will begin to send out refund checks for the amount that each participant has paid for tour thus far minus the non-refundable airline fee. Please note that we are unable to refund financial aid or fundraising that has been applied to tour. A tuition discount can be applied to your singers' account to be used for the 2020-2021 season to reflect the financial aid and/or fundraising amount applied to the current tour.

For all refund questions, please email our accountant, Jamie Reis, at

For other tour related questions, please contact Christopher Neely at

Thank you for your understanding and we wish continued healthy and safety for you all.

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