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frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions Oberlin Choristers receives most frequently.

What if we have a Snow Day?

Choristers rarely cancels a rehearsal due to weather conditions. Always assume rehearsal will take place unless informed otherwise.

Often, weather conditions that warrant schools being closed change by the end of the afternoon, particularly road conditions. Additionally, many schools decide to close due to the number of students that may need to walk to school or wait outside for buses in dangerously low temperatures.

If a rehearsal is cancelled, the decision will be made no later than 4:00pm that day. An email will be sent to all families by 4:00pm, and the cancellation will be listed on the Choristers website and Facebook.

If you have questions about specific rehearsal cancellation, please contact your choir coordinator. They will be notified if a decision is made to cancel rehearsal.

Conditions can vary drastically among communities in our area; Your singers' safety is our highest priority. If you decide that conditions in your area are not safe to travel, please notify your singers' choir coordinator that your child will not be at rehearsal that evening.

How do I make a payment/get my balance?


Check or cash can be mailed to our Oberlin office or given to the Choir Coordinator at a rehearsal. Credit card payements can be made in person at our Oberlin office or over the phone M-Th, 9:00am -2:00pm.


Please reference your most recent email invoce/statement or call/email our office for an updated balance.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Financial Aid is available by filling out an application and submitting to info@ochoristers.org.

Please don't hesitate to apply for Financial Aid if you feel it could help!

Our Financial Aid is available to any singer that applies. If your singer qualifies for free or reduced lunches at school, then they are a great candidate for our financial aid award!

Financial Aid is awarded by a confidential subcommittee of our Board of Directors. They review all applications and award the amount based on the need. Please note, the non-refundable deposit cannot be covered by Financial Aid.

Requirements to be considered:

  • Register your singer and pay the non-refundable deposit.
  • Submit our Financial Aid Request form.
  • Provide a copy of your most recent tax return, or other documentation, which proves your household’s income for the current calendar year (or previous tax year).

I'm a Choristers Alum, what do you have/do for me?

Please visit our Alumni page to see how we want to serve our Alumni.

Join us at an Event to begin networking with our Staff, Donors, singers, and other Alumni.

How do I get a uniform for my singer?

Our registration includes questions related to uniform orders. "T-shirt size" and "items needed" are required for the registration form to be complete so you are halfway there! Singers who need a new uniform piece are measured at the beginning of the season and an order is placed by our office.

Please visit our Uniform page for more information and to understand what the office provides and what families are expected to provide.

Why does my singer need to be at the concert so early?

Singers have a "Call Time" of a few hours prior to the concert start time.

Each choir needs time to practice on stage before the concert begins. This means we need to organize up to 5 choirs to each have at least 15 minutes of rehearsal time on stage. The choirs also need to practice getting on and off the stage and risers for safety reasons. This could amount to 90 minutes needed for rehearsal before we can welcome our guests.

The auditorium opens for seating 30 minutes prior to concert start time. This limits the on-stage rehearsal time even more as all singers need to be off stage before we can open the house.

What is the difference between the "Formal Uniform" and the "Informal Uniform"?

Oberlin Choristers has formal uniforms for our major concert performances.

Oberlin Choristers has informal uniforms for our more casual performances. These include our Showcase of Choirs concert and community event performances.

Dulcis & Jubilate Musica have 1 uniform for all performances. Cantate, Canterra, & una voce musica have both Formal and Informal uniforms.

Please visit our Uniform page for more information.

Do I need to purchase a ticket to see my singer perform?

Oberlin Choristers is a small, non-profit organization and we rely on ticket sales to provide income for our venue rental. In the past we have been able to offer free admission when costs are covered by a concert sponsor. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a concert please contact our office at info@ochoristers.org.

What do I do if my singer cannot finish the season?

If your singer is not able to finish the season, please contact our office at info@ochoristers.org and plan to do the following:

  • Let our office know why your singer can't continue. We truly want to know and this helps us improve our program for future singers.
  • return your singer's music binder (3-12th graders)
  • return your singer's uniform (donate OR receive 40% of the purchase price via check)
  • pay your remaining balance (tuition can be pro-rated if your singer resigns before March 1)

Why can't I take photos or video of the singers at the concert?

Photos and video are not permitted at any concert. Not only is it horribly distracting to both your fellow audience members and the singers, some of our families request that their children not be photographed. Please respect the privacy of others and the concert experience of all and refrain from photography or videography at our concerts.

We record each concert and send a FREE, private link to families a few weeks after each concert. The video is wide angle and includes all singers at all times. We do our best to record from a balcony so there is little chance of audience members obscuring the view. So please, experience the concert without a device in your hand. You can watch it again later on our private YouTube channel.

How do I join a choir?

Dulcis Musica - K-2nd grades - open enrollment! Visit our Dulcis Musica page to register. We typically enroll Dulcis singers at any time during the season.

Jubilate Musica - 3-4th grades - open enrollment! Visit our Dulcis Musica page to register. We typically enroll Jubilate singers at any time during the season.

Cantate Musica - 5-9th grades Treble - Schedule an evaluation with our Cantate Musica conductor. Email info@ochoristers.org to schedule an evalaution. We can schedule an evaluation at any time during the season.

Canterra Musica - 7-12th grades Treble - Schedule an audition with our Canterra Musica conductor. Email info@ochoristers.org to schedule an audition. We can schedule an audition at any time during the season.

una voce musica - 7-12th grades SATB - Schedule an audition with our una voce musica conductor. Email info@ochoristers.org to schedule an audition. We can schedule an audition at any time during the season.

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